Name Horoscope :-

Name is one of the prime aspect of a person's life since it not only represents the identity of a person but is also reflects his or her success and achievements. According to Vedic Astrology, your baby name should be well matched with her or his horoscope.

Auspicious and well suited baby name will give fame and success in his/her life. But, if you name the child wrongly (i.e. you give a name that is not compatible astrologically), the success & boom of the child will be affected adversely. Hence, Astrologer Priyal suggest you in the most efficient manner to select your baby name according to astrology. He analyzes the baby's horoscope and finds the most compatible first letters for the baby's name according to Vedic Astrology which is now not only just good for his/her success in career, however additionally precise for his or her health, wealth, financial savings and prosperity.

A name has karma related with it which leads to the true or awful effects in life. And considering that the name directly affects the persona of a individual and personality is reflected through the horoscope. So naming the baby in accordance to astrology can also make his or her future better in many aspects. If your child is newborn and you are planning to name him or her according to his or her horoscope, then you may contact Astrologer Priyal Shah for the same.

You will provide us the following details for Baby Name recommendations with the aid of Astrology service:

You need to provide the following to us for Baby Name suggestion.
  • Baby's Date of Birth, Time of Birth and Place of Birth
  • PARENT'S NAME and birth details (if available).
  • List of desired names or preferred first letters.

We understand that you should be worried about your newborn's future and kundli, we provide you more than what's expected in the service. Other than the answers to your queries related to the child, we supply the following services

  • A list of recommended first letters of the preferred name.
  • The birth chart and calculative part of the horoscope.
  • Horoscope Analysis applicable to the baby.
  • Remedies for the baby's fitness and better mental growth.
  • Answer to all your astrological questions concerning the baby.